Health-Fitness Instructor

Health-Fitness Instructor

Health-Fitness Instructor
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The rise in popularity of group fitness, which attracts more than 22.1 million people annually, has created vast changes in both the industry itself and the ways in which group fitness is delivered. Demand for talented, versatile group fitness instructors has exploded, making this the perfect time to get started on your professional journey.

Certified Health-Fitness Instructors are familiar and flexible with various exercise techniques, and can supervise participants or lead instructional sessions. The GEI works in a group exercise setting with apparently healthy individuals and those with health challenges who are able to exercise independently to improve health-related physical fitness, manage health risk, and promote lasting health behavior change.

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Certification Exam: Health-Fitness Instructor

Exam TypeCertification
Exam CodeHFI 020-222
Duration2 hours
Number Of Question70
Success Score70%
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Evaluation Exam: Health-Fitness Instructor

Exam TypeEvaluation
Exam CodeHFI-eval 020-222
Duration50 minutes
Number Of Question30
Success Score70%
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