MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator

MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator

MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator
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MySQL Architecture

  • Use MySQL client programs to interface with the MySQL Server interactively and in batch
  • Describe how MySQL uses disk and memory resources
  • List and describe key characteristics of standard MySQL storage engines including InnoDB, NDB, MyISAM, MEMORY, FEDERATED

MySQL Security

  • Describe appropriate steps to secure a MySQL deployment at the operating system, filesystem and network levels.
  • Create and maintain user accounts with appropriate privileges and configuration.
  • Deploy and configure MySQL Enterprise Audit

Optimizing MySQL Performance

  • Demonstrate ability to diagnose and optimize poorly-performing queries.
  • Tune MySQL Server configuration for best performance.
  • Apply best practices in optimizing schema objects
  • Demonstrate understanding of locking concepts as applied to MySQL Server and storage engines.
  • Create and utilize table PARTITIONING

High Availability Techniques for MySQL

  • Describe, configure, deploy and troubleshoot MySQL replication
  • Describe and contrast characteristics of common MySQL high availability solutions (MySQL Cluster, DRBD, Windows Failover Clustering, Solaris Cluster, OVM Template for MySQL Enterprise)

MySQL Server Installation, Configuration and Maintenance

  • Select, deploy, start and stop MySQL using appropriate binary packages for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Configure MySQL Server deployments using options files, command-line options and server variables.
  • Identify, configure, locate and describe appropriate use cases for MySQL the error, binary, general query and slow query log.

Diagnostic Data and Metadata Sources in MySQL

  • Configure and leverage PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA tables to identify and diagnose performance problems.
  • Obtain MySQL metadata from INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables

Backups and Recovery in MySQL

  • Create and restore logical backups using mysqldump
  • Create and restore binary backups
  • Use backups for data recovery
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Certification Exam: MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator

Exam TypeCertification
Exam Code1Z0-883
Duration2 hours, 30 minutes
Number Of Question100
Success Score60%
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Evaluation Exam: MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator

Exam TypeEvaluation
Exam Code1Z0-883-eval
Duration1 hour
Number Of Question40
Success Score60%
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