Data Science Essentials

Data Science Essentials

Data Science Essentials
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Cloudera DS-200 certification is extraordinary importance in your professional life. It can help you go further in the information technology industry. 

Nowadays, across the IT industry, Companies need you and you need Cloudera DS-200 certification. In any case, the brand certificate is your proof. The same technical talent as you, but your career in the information technology industry will go further because of your Cloudera DS-200 certification. 

The Data Science Essentials certification proves that you are familiar with:

1.     Explore the data science process

2.     Probability and statistics in data science

3.     Data exploration and visualization

4.     Data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation

5.     Introduction to machine learning

6.     The hands-on elements of this course leverage a combination of R, Python, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning


Exam Skills

Certification Exam: Data Science Essentials

Exam TypeCertification
Exam CodeDS-200
Duration2 hours
Number Of Question70
Success Score70%
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Evaluation Exam: Data Science Essentials

Exam TypeEvaluation
Exam CodeDS-200-eval
Duration40 minutes
Number Of Question25
Success Score70%
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