Advanced SOA Security

Advanced SOA Security

Advanced SOA Security
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A Certified SOA Security Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in establishing security extensions for contemporary service-oriented architectures through the mastery of security patterns, practices, and industry technologies.

To be considered an expert in this field requires solid knowledge of common security threats and vulnerabilities associated with service-oriented solutions and modern service technologies, as well as supporting infrastructure, middleware, legacy resources, and complex service compositions.

Fundamental SOA security concepts, patterns, and practices are second nature to the SOA Security Specialist, who must further have a full understanding of how problem solving techniques can be applied to industry security technologies as well as how the technologies themselves can and cannot be combined to establish service-oriented architecture implementations that are both secure and functional.

Certified SOA Security Specialists have attained a level of understanding that enables them to not only solve evident security problems but to also preventatively identify and resolve security weaknesses within existing service-oriented solutions designs, prior to their actual deployment.

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Certification Exam: Advanced SOA Security

Exam TypeCertification
Exam CodeCCP S90.19
Duration1 hour
Number Of Question50
Success Score70%
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Evaluation Exam: Advanced SOA Security

Exam TypeEvaluation
Exam CodeCCP S90.19-eval
Duration30 minutes
Number Of Question25
Success Score70%
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